Our congregation is growing and now exceeds 100 families. I think that it is due to our warm, welcoming community as well as our growing list of events and activities. Young families won’t want to miss the “Family Walk in the Woods” coming in late June. Everyone is welcome at our outdoor summer Shabbat services where we can join prayer and nature.

CBI Labyrinth

The verdant beauty of Berkshire summer is upon us. The hills are spectacular in their new green cloaks. The pollinator garden at CBI is bright and blooming. During “no-mow May” I watched as wildflowers sprung up all over our lawn and butterflies danced from one to the next. Sometimes I feel a little bit sorry for everyone whose synagogue and environs aren’t as beautiful as ours are. We are in a really stunning place. It still sometimes takes my breath away.

We are excited to welcome two new members to our CBI community this month: Elizabeth Sands, a retired social worker who lives in Brookline and has long family connections in North Adams, and Shira Wohlberg, who lives in Williamstown and has been helping to beautify our landscaping, making it more friendly to bees, butterflies and other species. In early spring, we will be planting fruit trees around our property, sponsored by our B’nai Mitzvah families in honor of their children and by other generous families.