It’s truly spring now and CBI is blooming, both literally and figuratively. Everything is greening up, the grass is growing, perennials and spring bulbs are popping up, and our pollinator garden is coming alive. We have opened our doors to in-person worship services and programs, while maintaining a Zoom option for those who are far away or are more comfortable participating that way. It is delightful to see people again in-person after two long years of isolation.

An illustration of a radio tower that reads "G-d broadcasts on all channels. We receive that broadcast when we attune ourselves to the Voice that continues to sound."

Reb Zalman z”l — Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, of blessed memory; a formative teacher for me before and during rabbinical school — used to say that revelation is like the radio. God is the Source of the broadcast, and that broadcast is always streaming into creation. And as for us? We’re radio receivers. We receive revelation on the levels to which we’re attuned.