This June, We’re Moving to Multi-Access!


This June, We’re Moving to Multi-Access Services

In June, assuming that our primary constituent towns remain “green” or “grey” in the state chart, we’re going to shift our Shabbat services from entirely online to multi-access (sometimes called “hybrid”) services.

Multi-access means that you can participate fully either online (in the shul Zoom room) or onsite (under the willow tree behind the shul.)

How Will This Work?

Every Thursday, the weekly state COVID report comes out. Ollie will check the report, and if North Adams, Adams, and Williamstown are all color-coded as green or grey, we’ll send out an email on Friday letting you know that there will be a multi-access service. 

If There Is A Multi-Access Service

The service will take place beside the patio behind the shul, in the shade of the willow tree. We’ll use Mishkan T’filah, our bound siddur. (Those joining digitally are invited to get a digital copy of the siddur, available as a free flipbook at the publisher’s website, or as a Kindle download for your Kindle, phone, tablet, or computer.)

Pursuant to the latest CDC guidelines, singing will be allowed! Because we will be singing, we ask those attending onsite to please wear a mask. We will also ask those present onsite to fill out an attendance sheet, so that if (God forbid) a case of COVID does arise we can do appropriate contact tracing.

If Not

If the weather forecast calls for inclement weather, or if our local rates of infection rise such that one or more of our primary constituent towns is yellow or red, we will revert to digital-only services.

Either Way

Keep an eye on your email; a message will go out each Friday to let you know how Shabbat services will be held!

Kabbalat Shabbat services are scheduled for June 18, July 16, and August 20 at 7:30pm. On weekends when we celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat, there is usually no Shabbat morning service. (August 21 will be an exception.)