Join us at Sinai!

We’ll begin with Festival Maariv with Hallel and Yizkor from 7:30-9:00pm.

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot Schedule

  • 9:00pm Bart Sobel (TBE) – Ethical storytelling
  • 9:10pm Shari Berkowitz (TBE) – Speech language pathology and Moses
  • 9:30pm R. Rachel Barenblat (CBI) – Theophany in Midrash and Art
  • 9:50pm Barbara Gold (TBE) – Spiritual meditation
  • 10:00pm R. Pam Wax (CBI) or R. Rachel (CBI) – Retelling Ruth
  • 10:10pm Elma Sanders (CBI) – Days of the week and Sabbath
  • 10:20pm Mary Redstone (CBI) – Italian Jewry
  • 10:30pm Jen Burt (CBI) – Torah yoga and the Omer
  • 10:40pm R. David Markus (TBE) – “Oh God” 
  • 11:00pm Movie and Discussion – The Story of God: Holy Laws, featuring Morgan Freeman

(Times are approximate, but this is our best guess.)

In between lessons: poetry and niggunim (wordless melodies), including Lubavitch niggunim from Chaim Bronstein (CBI).

Our mystical tradition teaches that special blessings flow when we study Torah at midnight, and especially on Shavuot, so our learning will culminate with a midnight module:

Tikkun Chatzot (Learning At Midnight)

  • Rachel Rudansky (TBE) on the power of silence
  • R. Cyn Hoffman on the music of the spheres

As a reminder: the login information will not be publicly posted anywhere, but will be sent to members of CBI and TBE in our weekly announcements emails.

Shavuot Supplies

If you need a Yizkor candle for Shavuot, please reach out to the office. We have a box of them on hand, and will gladly share them with you — just connect with Ollie to confirm a time to pick one up.

See you at Sinai!