This Week’s Zoom Offerings at CBI (and Shabbat / Torah info for the week)

Shavua tov – a good new week to you!

This week our Zoom offerings include Rabbinic Drop-In Hour (1pm Mondays), Omer Discussion Group with Jen Burt (5pm Tuesdays – in Jen’s Zoom room), Pirkei Avot  (2pm Thursdays with Rabbi David Markus, in TBE’s Zoom room), Friday Morning Meditation (9am Fridays), Psalm-Writing Weekly Workshop (1pm Fridays, for members of CBI and TBE together), and Shabbat Morning Services (9:30am Saturdays), all (except the Omer group and the Pirkei Avot class) in the CBI Zoom room with the usual password.

For password and login information, email the office.


Join us for Shabbat services on Zoom at 9:30am on Saturday morning led by Rabbi Pam Wax. This week we’re reading from parashat Emor. If you’d like to read some commentaries on this week’s parsha, here are a few:

Here’s commentary from Steve Silbert and Rabbi Rachel at Builders Blog, a project of Bayit: Building Jewish:

And here are commentaries from the URJ:

Hope to see you at one of CBI’s Zoom offerings (again, for Zoom link and password, contact the office.)